First Webinar: great success!

The first webinar of Ambher project about “Catalysis for efficient Ammonia Synthesis” was held on October 3rd, 2023 with some of our partners as speakers.. It was a great success! There were about 50 people via Teams Link and a lot of questions to the speakers.

After a short introduction of Dr. J.L. Viviente from Tecnalia ( San Sebastian) about Ambher project,

Dr. P. Ngene from University of Utrecht started talking about “Nanoconfined and highly dispersed Metal hybride-based catalysis for ammonia synthesis”:

The second presentation was about “Metal-nitrogen-hydrogen mixed anion catalyst” by Dr. J. Makepeace from University of Birmingham:

Then, MSc E. Vicente from Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científica” talked about “Transition Metal nanocluster and nanoparticle-based catalysts for ammonia synthesis“:

The last but not least was Dr. A. Vita from Itae-CNR about “Thermal conductive 3d printed Periodical Open Cellular Structures (POCS) for the intensification of ammonia synthesis: Catalytic activation and performances”:

At the end of this first webinar, the coordinator Dr F. Gallucci from University of Eindhoven thanked to the participants and hopes to see you at the second webinar in December.

All the presentations of this first webinar are going to be uploaded in the next days. Stay tuned!