The Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) is the largest public research institution in Spain and one of the most renowned institutions in the European Research Area. It is affiliated to the Ministry of Science and Innovation. The Institute of Chemical Technology (CSIC-ITQ) jointly belongs to CSIC and to the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV). CSIC-ITQ has led activities regarding development of electrocatalytic materials, gas separation membranes and solid oxide fuel cells. Moreover, CSIC-ITQ is responsible of key activities on synthesis of nanomaterials, mesoporous materials and different functional architectures in several European consortia. CSIC-ITQ also has a long experience in the design and own fabrication of fully-automated laboratory reactor prototypes operating at high pressures, temperatures and production rates as well as excellent facilities for performing characterisation and transport measurements in realistic operation conditions. ITQ has a leading position in the design, fundamental characterization and kinetic study of heterogeneous catalysts. Within AMBHER  project, CSIC-ITQ will contribute to the objective dedicated to the long-term hydrogen storage. CSIC-ITQ will work on the design and development of new catalysts for the ammonia synthesis at milder conditions than those encountered in the energy intensive Haber-Bosch process. In close collaboration with AMBHER partners, the designed catalysts will be fully characterised, modelled and optimized to be used in a breakthrough catalytic membrane reactor further intensifying the ammonia synthesis process.