Long term impact

AMBHER project will contribute to the objectives of the European Green Deal towards making the European Union (EU) climate neutral in 2050. It will play an important role in addressing some of the key challenges facing today’s global society, such as the cost of energy, energy security and climate change. It will not only reduce the EU’s energy dependence, but also make its energy system more resilient by balancing the energy generation and consumption curve facilitating the integration of the renewable energy in the grid through long-term storage hydrogen technologies.

The use of renewable energy storage solutions in the short and long term enables the decarbonisation of many sectors that would otherwise be difficult to decarbonise, such as transport sector. These innovations will have an impact on the entire value chain of these sectors and improve the overall competitiveness of the European economy. AMBHER will also contribute to the generation of wealth by creating around 20,000 jobs (direct, indirect and induced) accumulated (2030-2035).

It will connect material developers with key players in the hydrogen economy, additive manufacturing companies, chemical companies and end-users of ammonia, matching existing needs and new products with the essential link provided by innovative organizations that are capable of developing advanced technologies that will meet the challenges of the coming years.