About the AMBHER project

AMBHER (Ammonia and MOF based Hydrogen for Europe) is a European project providing a holistic approach to tackle the short and long term energy storage challenges raised by the high degree of electrification our society is aiming for. Firstly, AMBHER is addressing the main societal, economic and technological questions coming together with the use of green ammonia as seasonal renewable energy storage. Simultaneously, AMBHER is developing and demonstrating innovative and cheaper compressed hydrogen storage potentially solving the gap toward local and economically relevant power-to-hydrogen hub.

AMBHER will thus increase the number of applications in the energy and transport sectors and the possibilities for success and industrial adoption by key players. For short-term hydrogen storage, novel nanoporous MOFs (Metal Organic Frameworks) of high surface area (>2.500 m2/g) and low cost synthesis will be developed following an original shaping process (3D printing). Furthermore, AMBHER will develop a conformable cryo-vessel that can accommodate stacks of MOF bodies of tailored-made shape.

A capacity of 40g/L of usable space at 100 bar is achieved at competitive cost with respect to current high pressure cylinders. For long-term storage, advanced materials (both catalysts and membranes) and their combination in an intensified 3D-printed intensified periodic open cell structured reactor will be developed to allow hydrogen storage in the form of ammonia (NH3) in a cost-efficient and resource-effective process at lower temperatures and pressures compared to conventional systems. AMBHER project is validating both ssolutions at TRL 5 addressing the positioning of the solutions developed in relevant business cases.